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Dart league statistics provided for all leagues
Welcome to your dart league and statistic hub. Where you can find out everything you need to know about playing in our leagues or the league you are currently playing in. ECS offers a variety of leagues and tournaments for dart players of all skills and ages. If you are interested in starting a dart league feel free to contact one of our coordinators!
Our team at ECS makes sure to offer the highest quality service when it comes to dart leagues and tournaments throughout Iowa and Illinois. We boast memberships to the top dart associations in the World and our very own Aaron Ramos is a member of the AMOA Board of Directors. Never miss your dart league statistics when you play darts with ECS!
Daily remote tournaments
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Dart League Coordinator (Cedar Rapids)
Jeff Paulsen
Dart League Coordinator (Waterloo)
Joe Peet
ECS has combined nearly 50 years of dart league and tournament experience in one company. We provide the widest network of leagues across the state of Iowa and stretch well into western Illinois. ECS is a member of the National Darts Association (NDA), and the Amusement and Music Operators Association (AMOA) – ECS is also a PPD/TOC partner, this will give many players daily options for PPD remote tournaments. PPD also offers more remote league formats and schedules. ECS covers a large part of eastern Iowa, this will allow you as an ECS player to play with other ECS players in the state and national tournaments.