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Our Pool leagues are capable of providing the stats and schedules through our partnership with Compusport. Please contact your Pool league coordinator with any questions you may have about current or future leagues. ECS does our best to provide our pool players with a friendly and competitive environment for players of all skill levels. Iowa and Illinois pool leagues and tournaments! If you want to play a league in Iowa or Illinois and do not see one in your area give us a call today!

Tournaments and Events

IOMA State Pool Tournament
February 14-18, 2024
Entries are due January 5th, 2024
ISPA State Pool Tournament
April 10-14, 2024
ACS Iowa State Pool Tournament
October 19-23, 2023 

ACS Midwest 8-Ball Championships 
January 17-21, 2024
Iowa Games Billiards
Pool League Coordinator
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