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ECS Remote Tournament Bounty Bounty Rules

ECS Remote Tournament Bounty


Bounty is an additional pot you can chose to buy into

If tournament has a Bounty the buy in and current pot will be posted online


How will Bounty team be picked?

  • All teams will be entered into list randomizer, list will be randomized a minimum of 5 times.
  • After the final round of randomizing the top team will be the Bounty team.
  • Once the Bounty team is eliminated or following the tournament the verification code with link will be posted in the Challonge discussion.

How do I win the Bounty?

  • If you paid the Bounty fee and you knocked the Bounty team out of the tournament you win.
  • If your team is the Bounty team and you win the tournament.

Ways the Bounty is not won.

  • Team that beat the Bounty team did not pay the Bounty fee.

What happens if the Bounty is not won?

  • The Bounty pot for the next tournament will start at the latest value plus any dollars ECS has committed to starting off the next tournament. (ex: “Friday 55” starts at $55 so if it was $95 next pot will start at $150)

BONUS DRT Entry Reimbursement

  • The team picked as the Bounty team will be eligible for $46 doubles DRT entry fee, just play in a DRT within two weeks of being the bounty team. Let us know which DRT you played so we can verify and get your reimbursement sent.