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ECS Remote Tournament Rules Daily remote tournament rules

ECS Remote Tournament Rules

First, a few things you need to do:

For doubles or other multi-player team events, each team must designate a captain

  • The Team Captain in the ECS remote tournaments will need to have access to the Challonge Website.  
  • The Team Captain must have a Pay Pal account… To pay entries and or to receive your winnings!
  • Team Captain’s in the ECS remote tournaments must download and use the GroupMe App. It is how communications will be done between players and ECS. During remote events, you will need to check the GroupMe App to know your status and report any issues or discrepancies within your matches.   This is designed to keep things running smoothly. 

Event Sign-up:

  • Entries will be submitted by the Team Captain using
  • During signup, the Team Captain is required to provide a cell phone number for communication and to submit the email address linked to their PayPal account.
  • Team Captain must submit entries by posted tournament deadline. No late entries will be accepted.

Tournament Day:

  • Please arrive to your location 30 minutes before the match. Upon arrival at the location where you will be playing, please check that the remote league menu has the Tournament listed to be played.
  • It is strongly advised that you play at least 1 casual remote game to verify your board is working correctly.
  • We will notify the group via the GroupMe app when you should update your boards.

Playing the Match:

  1. To begin the match, go into Remote Leagues on the menu.  Find the tournament name.
    • Cork will substitute for the diddle, it is set for one round of count up, if there is a tie play the second round. One player only. If the is no tie after round one press the player change till the game is ended. Winner of count up game starts the first game.
    • Count up will be Split Bull.
    • Team on the top of the bracket is home and will start the count up game.
  2. If tie-breaker game is needed there will be another cork to determine who goes first.
  3. When match is completed exit league mode

“The Dart Board Is Always Right” rule applies for NDA remote tournaments:

A dart thrown that sticks but does not score or appear on the darts thrown count on the monitor is scored as the board reads.


General Rules of Play:

 Open “01”

  1. Open In Open Out
  2. 50 Point Bull
  3. Stacked

Open Cricket

  1. SPLIT 25/50 Point Bull
  2. Stacked
  3. 25 Round Limit